Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beachy Freedom

This is what I want to feel like. Falling, but with purpose, style, and strength. Jumping because it's fun. Flying, for a moment, wind through my hair and the holes in the knees of my pants. Such concentration on her face! She is having fun because it's her job! Just out of frame is the quiet beach in early spring, with no one but us and the empty lifeguard tower. The other kids with us were all taking turns (or even concurrently) jumping off the tower at different stages, right into the lumpy sand. Sometimes they would roll, other times just land on their feet (always with a silent 'oomph' from Mom).

I was looking through my pictures to find images that said "silly"; I wanted to submit a photo for a photography assignment on a blog I enjoy - I could find pictures that I thought were silly, but I'm not sure the subject of the pictures would think were silly. The probably thought they were being "cool" or "serious" or "mean".
I just think they're adorable!

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